Our roots go back to the early 1900’s. Grandpa started fattening beef cattle on prairie grasses and grains of the mid-west along the Redwood River.
Working together with farmers is our top priority. We are Licensed and bonded livestock dealers providing feeder cattle and marketing options for producers.  We have a constant supply of quality fat cattle in our feedlots . Hogs and lambs are also available. If you have livestock to market contact us today.
We take pride in the meat business and bring our delicious combination of signature smoke and spice to the world. Special commitment to hunters, processing their game meat into mouth watering sausages, ring bologna,  snack sticks, jerky and other products. CLICK HERE to view our seasonings and spices from our Old West brand. 
Prairie Meats, formerly  known as Doug's Danube Locker, has been serving the community with top quality retail meat products, custom processing and excellent service for over 30 years.  We are known for our specialty smoked products and high quality cuts of meat. Our secret recipes is what makes us stand out from other meat lockers. 
Stop by and shop our huge selection of Retail Products. Fresh cuts of meats now available in our deli case. CLICK HERE to view our retail products.

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Location: 2505 West Lincoln Avenue, Olivia MN 56277 | Phone: 320.523.7060 | Email: info@prairiemeatsinc.com | Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday


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