Beef Products:

Ground Beef

Hamburger Patties



T-Bone Steaks

Rib-eye Steaks

Sirloin Steaks

Stew Meat

Smoked/Dried Products:

Dried Beef

Beef Strips

Jalapeno Beef Strips

Original Beef Snack Sticks

Beef Snack Sticks w/Cheddar Cheese

Beef Snack Sticks w/Pepper Jack Cheese

Beef Snack Sticks w/Jalapenos

Taco Snack Sticks

Honey BBQ Snack Sticks

Teriyaki Beef Sticks

Old Fashioned Summer Sausage

Old Fashioned Summer Sausage w/Garlic

Old Fashioned Summer Sausage w/Cheddar Cheese & Jalapenos

Hometown Original Summer Sausage

Hometown Original w/Pepper Jack Cheese

Hometown Original w/Cheddar Cheese

Pork Products:


Boneless Chops



Picnic Hams

Baby Back Ribs


Cottage Bacon

Pork Sausage

Breakfast Sausage Links

Sausage Patties

Chorizo brats

Fresh Ground Chorizo 


Fresh Brats (Many flavors to choose from)


Brats w/Cheese

Brat Patties

Ring Sausage

Liver Sausage

Country Style Sausage

Polish Sausage

Polish Sausage w/Cheese

Smoked Pulled Pork (Plain or BBQ)

Pork Strips


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